Ten Year Wedding Anniversary Vase

Published: Nov 3, 2016 8:28 AM
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So for my Wife and I's Ten Year Wedding Anniversary I wanted to make something to represent our Ten Years together. I came up with a simple Vase, Turned on the Lathe out of Eucalyptus from a tree on our property that had dropped a large branch a few months ago, so the wood is still a little green, as you can see in the piece below.

Using a Roughing Gouge, the wood was turned round and partially shaped. I then used a Spindle Gouge to produce the shape below. Next was the cheating part. As I don't own a Hollowing Tool, other than what the Bowl Gouge can do with Bowls. I cut the piece into two. If you look hard enough you can see the join line, which will later become the top of the Inlay Pattern to hide the join. Once hollowed the piece was glued back together and left overnight with the tailstock for support and squeezing the pieces together.

After the Glue was dry, it was time to start laying out the Inlay Pattern. After sanding down to 600 Grit, I found a Venetian style pattern online, then used Inkscape to convert the black and white image into a Vector Drawing, which allowed me to resize the pattern to fit the diameter of the Vase, and determine the height of the Inlay.

As you can see in the photo below, I sharpened some Nail Punch's that I've never used for Nails. The different sized Punch's also gave me different lengths when making the Inlay lines. I mostly used the Punch on the right to go around the curved pattern.

After digging out the lines, I then started the process of placing in the Aluminium Wire and Glueing them in with CA Glue. After leaving the piece overnight to allow the glue to harden completely, I then sanded the piece, being careful not to pull out the wire, and not spreading the metal dust produced by sanding all over the Vase.

After sanding, I wanted to add some colour, which I did, using Coloured Graphite Pencils. I then wiped on Poly-Urethane, which removed a little of the colour, which I didn't mind. 

And finally after 4 days, the finished Vase...