Birthday Ear Stretchers

Published: Nov 29, 2016 2:02 AM
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For some time, a friend that live locally was asking me about making Ear Stretchers for himself, and that doing so may present an opportunity for selling them.

So I went about researching how to size them, what types of woods to use and not use, and what type of finishes are safe to use.

After all, that and some contemplation, my friend's birthday came up, so I decided to make him a set and gift them to him, and at the same time, I created a small video showing the process.

The video is rather basic, and I don't actually speak in the video. I am thinking once I tidy up and sort out my workshop, that I'll redo the video, and talk through the processes, as well as updating this article showing how to size, and showing the steps with screenshots from the video.

I initially didn't intend and videoing the process, until after researching on YouTube for other Turners showing how to do it and discovering some pretty unsafe procedures.